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Monday, June 24, 2013

Oh Canada!

This tutorial was written on June 24, 2013. Any similarity to any other tut is purely coincidental. I use PSP X5, but you should be able to do this in any version.

You Will Need:
Tube of choice. I used Canadian Girl from Ismael Rac. You must have a license to use his work. This is an older tube, but you can find his newer work here.
PTU kit Oh Canada from Irish Princess Designs . You can pick it up here.
Mask: Mask 425 by Vix
Animation Shop and Canada Day animation #498 from Scrappy Bit of Fun.
Terms to Know:
C&P-Copy and paste
SAFDI-Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Invert
SAFD-Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat
DS-Drop Shadow (The settings I used for all my DS layers were: -3, -3, 50, 5, black)
Crop to Selection- Ctrl+a on the layer below the one you just pasted a paper (or object) on. Back to the paper (or object) and Shift+r.
Center in Canvas- Objects>Align>Center in Canvas
Apply Mask- Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image and choose your mask.
Add Noise- Image>Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise (The settings I used were Gaussian, 50%, Monochrome)

©  Open Paper 3. Promote the background layer. Open and apply your mask. Resize 125%, Center in Canvas, Merge Group.
©  Open Frame 2. C&P. Open your tube, C&P, DS, Duplicate and drag duplicate layer under the frame. Back on the top tube, erase the legs showing outside the frame. On the duplicate layer erase anywhere the shadow is too dark.
©  Activate the frame layer. Open Flags, C&P, Resize 136%, and position at the top of the tag.
©  Activate your top layer. Open Mountains, C&P, Resize 134%, and position where you like it.
©  Open Dog, C&P, Resize 60% and position in the lower left corner.
©  Open Canada Day Word Art, C&P, Resize 55%, Image*Free Rotate* Left 30 degrees (being sure “All Layers” is UNCHECKED). Place where you like it.
©  Open Cupcake, C&P, Resize 50%, and place in the lower right corner.
©  Open MapleSyrup, C&P, Resize 26% and position where you like it.
©  Add DS anywhere you want.
©  Select your Text Tool and write your name. Try to use a blocky/chunky text. I used Bauhaus 93, 20pt, 1pt stroke (Fg and Bg white). Convert to Raster Layer. Open Paper 4, resize to 200x200, C&P and center over your name (If it doesn’t cover your name, resize it a bit bigger). On your name layer SAFDI, back on the paper layer hit Delete, Select None and Merge Down. SAFD, Expand Selection 5, New Layer and drag it below your name, Flood Fill with white. Add Noise. Back on the name layer DS and Merge Down.
©  Add your CR Info, save as .png to preserve transparency, DO NOT CLOSE.
©  Now we are going to Make the animation. Hide all but the bottom three layers. Layers*New Raster Layer and drag to the bottom. Flood Fill white. Copy Merged. In Animation Shop, Paste as New Animation and duplicate so you have 16 frames. Open your animation. Select All and Copy. On your new animation, Select All and be sure Propagate Paste is selected (Edit*Propagate Paste). Paste Into Selected Frame. Position it on the right side of the frame. Back to the Canada Animation go to Animation*Mirror. Copy and Paste Into Selected Frame on your animation.
©  Now go back to PSP. Hide the bottom four layers and unhide the others. Now Copy Merged and Paste Into Selected Frame in the animation you started earlier. Carefully line it up so that this tube lines up with the tube already there. The reason we pasted as a new animation first was to be sure the size would match. Just going from PSP to the animation would have been too big.
©   Animation Shop doesn’t like partial transparency (DS). That’s why we gave our image a background. Save as .gif with these settings:  

©   And you’re done! Thanks for using my tutJ. Please leave a comment and feel free to leave a link to anything you make with it. I’d love to see!


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