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Monday, June 17, 2013

More Than a Handful...

This tutorial was written on June 17, 2013. Any similarity to any other tut is purely coincidental.

You Will Need:
Tube of choice. I used Beauty Has No Size from Elias Chatzoudis. You must have a license to use his work. You can find his work here.
PTU kit Inked Girlz from Kandii Popz Dezignz.
Template: Fire 3 by Twistedby Twilight
Mask:  443 from Vix
Plugin: Alien Skin Eye Candy Impact Glass
My Word Art: Download

Terms to Know:
C&P-Copy and paste
SAFDI-Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Invert
SAFD-Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat
DS-Drop Shadow (The settings I used for all my DS layers were: -3, -3, 50, 5, black)
Crop to Selection- Ctrl+a on the layer below the one you just pasted a paper (or object) on. Back to the paper (or object) and Shift+r.
Add Noise- Adjust>Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise (The settings I used for this tag were: Gaussian, 50%, Monochrome)
Mask from Image- Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image and choose your mask.
Center- Objects>Align>Center in Canvas

©   Open the template. Shift+d to duplicate and close the original. Delete the credits layer and hide Raster 1.
©  Open P14. C&P, Crop to Selection. Open your mask. Mask from Image.Resize 107% and Center. Merge Group.
©  Raster 4: SAFDI. Open P15. C&P and hit Delete. Crop to Selection, Merge Down, Add Noise with settings in “Terms to Know”. Repeat for Copy of Raster 4.
©  Raster 2: Pick a FG and BG color you like. Choose a FGBG linear gradient, 45 degrees, 1 repeat. Flood Fill the layer.
©  Raster 8: SAFDI. Open P2, C&P and hit Delete. Crop to Selection, Merge Down. Effects*Plugins*EC*Glass with these settings:

©  Repeat for Copy of Raster 8.
©  Raster 2: Flood Fill with color of choice.
©  Raster 5: SAFDI. Open P9, C&P, Delete, Crop to Selection, Merge Down.
©  Raster 7: Manual Color Correction (Alt+c) making whit the source color and color of your choice for the target.
©  Raster 6: Flood fill black.Open Inksplats, C&P, Resize 124%, Center in Canvas. Back on Raster 6 SAFDI. Activate Inksplats layer, Delete, Select None, Merge Down, Add Noise. Effects*3D Effects*Inner Bevel with these settings:

©  Merge Down with Raster 7.
©  Raster 5: Open your tube. C&P, Resize if necessary and position where you like it. Duplicate and move above Raster 7.SAFD. Activate Raster 7 and erase everything inside the marching ants on the top part. Leave the frame intact on the bottom (Hide the duplicate layer so you can see the frame). Unhide the duplicate layer and erase the bottom part of the top tube. On Raster 7, SAFDI and erase the bottom tube that sticks out of the bottom part of the frame. If you are going to DS, put it on the top and bottom tube layers so that the shadow is on the whole tube, and both over and under the frame. Erase anywhere the shadows overlap so that one part isn’t darker than the other.
©  Open Flower, C&P, Resize 133%, Center in Canvas, Image*Flip Horizontal, and place on the right side of the tag. Select your Text Tool and write your name on the banner where you like it. I used the font Baroque Script, 24pt, 1pt stroke.
©  Open Cuppy2, C&P, Resize 60%, place where you like it.
©  Open Skullrose, C&P, Resize 56%, and place where you want it.
©  Open Lips, C&P, Resize 60% and place where you like it.
©  Activate Raster 1 layer, but leave hidden. Open Glitter. C&P and place in the upper left corner. Duplicate, Image*Flip Vertical and place in the upper left. Merge Down, Duplicate, Image*Flip Horizontal, move to the bottom of the tag, Merge Down.
©  Activate the top layer. Open the Word Art. It is greyscaled, so you can colorize it however you want, and is in layers so you can arrange it how you like. C&P and place where you want it.
©  Open Badbird. C&P and resize 56% and place where you like it.
©  Open Bird, C&P, resize 60%, and place where you want.
©  Open Skull, C&P, resize 29% and place where you want it.
©  Open Skellylock, C&P, resize 56% and place where you like it.

©  Add your CR Info, save as .png, and you’re done! Thanks for using my tut. Please leave a comment and feel free to leave a link to anything you make with it. I’d love to see!


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