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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Simply Captivating

This tutorial was written on August 7, 2013. Any similarity to any other tut is purely coincidental. I use PSP X5, but you should be able to do this in any version. Instructions for both tags are in this tut.

You Will Need:
Tube of choice. I used Cautivity Eyes by Arthur Crowe. You must have a license to use his work. You can find it here.
PTU matching kit Cautivity”* from Crystal Creations . You can pick it up here.
Template: Number 5 from Ali Template Set 3. Get it at TikTokCreations.
Gradient 122 from ak2290.
If you are animating: Animation Shop and Animation 9 from Chaos.

*Cautivity, loosely translated, means captivating (I think In Spanish cautive means captive)
Terms to Know:
C&P-Copy and paste
SAFDI-Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Invert
SAFD-Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat
DS-Drop Shadow (The settings I used for all my DS layers were: 6, 6, 50, 5, black unless otherwise noted)
Crop to Selection- Ctrl+a on the layer below the one you just pasted a paper (or object) on. Back to the paper (or object) and Shift+r.
Center in Canvas- Objects>Align>Center in Canvas
Apply Mask- Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image and choose your mask.
Add Noise- Image>Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise (My default settings are Gaussian, 50%, Monochrome)

All instructions regarding tubes assume you are using the same tube I did. If you use a different one, adjust size/placement accordingly.

©  Open the template, Shift+d and close the original. Delete the credit layer. If you are animating, unhide the background layer and Flood Fill with black.
©  1: SAFDI, open pp12, C&P, Delete, Select None, Merge Down. DS with the settings 10, 0, 75, 15, #800080. Repeat DS.
©  2: SAFDI, open pp9, C&P, Delete, Select None, Merge Down. Open the close up of the tube, C&P, position where you like it over the shape. Activate 2, SAFDI, back on close up Delete, Select None. Change Layer Properties to Screen. Repeat process on 6.
©  3 & 4: SAFDI, open pp3, C&P, Delete, Select None, Merge Down.
©  5: SAFD, Flood Fill with gradient. Settings: Radial, angle 315, 3 repeats. Select None.
©  7: SAFDI, open pp6, C&P, Delete, Select None, Merge Down. Effects*3D Effects*Inner Bevel with these settings:

©  Open ee23, C&P, place on the bottom of the image, Objects*Align*Horizontal Center. If you are not animating, move to the next step. If you are animating, duplicate twice. On the first duplicate layer select your Warp Brush (settings: expand, 200, 100, 70, 25). Click the center of the big speaker twice and the little speaker once. On the second duplicate, click once on the big speaker and twice on the small one. Hide both duplicate layers.
©  Open your tube, C&P, Flip Horizontal, resize 87%, place where you like it, DS with black settings (described in “Terms to Know”).
©  1: For non-animated, Open ee15, resize 136%, Center in Canvas. If animating, you don’t need this.
©  3: Open ee24, C&P, place in upper right corner.
©  5: Open ee26, C&P, Image*Free Rotate left 30 degrees. Place where you like it.
©  7: Open ee14, C&P, Image*Free Rotate left 90 degrees, place where you like it.
©  Open ee20, C&P, Flip Horizontal place where you like it.
©  Open ee19, C&P, Image*Free Rotate right 30 degrees, place where you like it.
©  Select your Text Tool and write your name. I used filament galactique 200 pt, 2 pt stroke.
©  Add DS to any layers you want. If you are animating, use black settings, but change the color to purple. Add your CR info and you’re done (or ready to move on to animation)! Thanks for using my tut J!
©  Hide everything from the speakers up:

Activate the background, Copy, Paste as New Animation in AS. Duplicate frame until you have 100 frames. Open animation, resize to 800x800, select all frames, copy. In your tag image, select all frames and be sure propagate paste is selected. Paste the animation into selected frame.
©  In PS, hide the BG, Copy Merged. In AS, paste as new animation (this assures that all layers will fit properly). Copy, Paste into Selected Frame.
©  In PS hide the visible layers and unhide the hidden ones (except BG):

Activate the bottom speaker layer, copy, paste in AS as new animation. Back to PS, copy the second speaker layer, paste after selected frame on the speaker animation. Back to PS, copy the third speaker layer, paste after selected frame. Select all, copy and paste into selected frame on the tag animation.
©  In PS, hide all the speaker layers, Copy Merged, paste as new animation in AS. Copy, paste into selected frame on the tag animation.

©  Save with default settings and you’re done!


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