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Friday, August 2, 2013

CT for Crystal Creations "Last Period" Kit

This tutorial was written on August 2, 2013. Any similarity to any other tut is purely coincidental. I use PSP X5, but you should be able to do this in any version.

You Will Need:
Tube of choice. I used Hall Monitor from Ismael Rac. You must have a license to use his work. You can find it here.
PTU kit Last Period from Crystal Creations . This is part of an exclusive collab at Mystical Scraps. You can pick it up here.
Masks: 0121 and 0123 by Trese
Terms to Know:
C&P-Copy and paste
SAFDI-Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Invert
SAFD-Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat
DS-Drop Shadow (The settings I used for all my DS layers were: 3, 6, 50, 5, black)
Crop to Selection- Ctrl+a on the layer below the one you just pasted a paper (or object) on. Back to the paper (or object) and Shift+r.
Center in Canvas- Objects>Align>Center in Canvas
Apply Mask- Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image and choose your mask.
Add Noise- Image>Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise (My default settings are Gaussian, 50%, Monochrome)

All instructions regarding tubes assume you are using the same tube I did. If you use a different one, adjust size/placement accordingly.

©  Open pp. Open pp8, open and apply mask 0121. Open pp5, C&P, open and apply mask 0123.
©  Open ee23, place in lower left. Duplicate twice, place them in a line, merge the three layers together and place how you like it.
©  Open ee37, duplicate. On the original, move to the top, resize 107% duplicate, Flip Horizontal, move to the bottom. On the first duplicate, Free Rotate left 90 degrees, move to left, resize 132%, duplicate, Flip Vertical, and move to right. You should now have a frame around the image.
©  Open ee38, resize 166%, Image*Free Rotate right 30 degrees, Center in Canvas, SAFDI. Open pp3, C&P, Delete, Select None, change Layer Properties to Color, Merge Down.
©  Open the tube CU. Place it where you like it, SAFD, activate protractor and erase the upper part inside the marching ants. Select None, activate the tube, erase anything sticking out of the bottom of the protractor. Back on the protractor, Merge Down and place to the left.
©  Open ee11. Open pp1, resize to 437x268, C&P, place over computer screen, Merge Down. Open ee23, resize 46%, place where you like it. Duplicate and move to the left (or right) so they make a row, Merge Down twice. Open full tube, Flip Horizontal, resize 41%, place where you like it on the screen, Merge Down. Select your Text Tool and write out School Daze with the School Girl font 11pt, no stroke (School *enter**enter* Daze), place where you like it.
©  Open ee24, resize 61%, place where you like it.
©  Open ee34, resize 46%, place where you like it.
©  Select the Text Tool and write out your name. I used LMS School Girl Crush 16 pt, 1 pt stroke.

©  Add DS to any layers you want. Add your CR info and you’re done! Thanks for using my tut J!


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