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Friday, May 31, 2013

November Animation


 This tutorial was written 11/1/12. Any similarity to another tut is purely coincidental. 

I am using the awesome work of Ismael Rac (the tube is called November). You MUST have a license to use his work.You can find it here: RAC I have used template AutumnTemp1BBW from Willow (Template). The mask is MC_MisfitFallMask01 (Mask). The scrap kit is Autumn Child from Lisette and is FTU. You can find it here:Kit I am not using any special filters in this tut. The font is Pumpkinese. I used an animation from Scrappy Bit of Fun (Animation). 

1.      Open the template. Shif+D to duplicate and resize to 600x600.

2.      Open your mask. Select the background raster and flood fill with the color of your choice. Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image.

3.      Layers>New Raster Layer. Flood fill with color of choice. Place below mask group.

4.      Open paper 1. Select Raster 10 (bottom flag-looking layer). Copy and paste paper 1 as new layer. Resize 30%. Position over the element. Select Raster 10 again. Selections>Select All. Selections>Float. Selections>Defloat. Selections>Invert. Select your paper layer; delete. Selections>Select None.

5.      Duplicate the paper layer. Move above Raster 10 copy. Image>Flip. Image>Mirror.

6.      Select Raster 3. Adjust>Add Noise>Gaussian 50.

7.      Open element Autumn Circle. Select Raster 9. Copy and paste element as new layer. Resize 40% and center over the circle.

8.      Open rainbow element. Resize 40%. Move layer below frame. Position where you like it.

9.      Open tree 3. Resize 20%. Position where you like it.

10.  Place tube as top layer. Position where you like it.

11.  Open pumpkin 2. Resize 45%. Place in front of tube. Duplicate. Image>Mirror.

12.  Open pile of leaves. Resize 50%. Center in between and in front of pumpkins.

13.  Add name. Convert to raster. Drop shadow.

14.  Add copyright info. 

15.  Hide tube and all layers above it. Copy merged and paste in animation shop as new animation. Duplicate frame until you have a total of 34 frames.

16.  Open animation 150.  Edit>Select All. Copy.

17.  Activate your new animation. Edit>Select All. Edit>Propagate Paste. Paste into selected frame. Position near the top.

18.  Go back to your PSP image. Hide everything that is visible, and unhide tube and everything above it. Copy merged.

19.  Activate animation. Paste into selected frame (be sure all are selected). Position where you like it.

20.  Save as .gif and youre done!


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