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Friday, May 31, 2013


This tutorial was written by me on 5/24/13. Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

You Will Need:
Tube of choice. I used Miu-miu by Lady mishka. You must have a license to use her work. You can find it here: PFD
Kit: Meow Kitty Cat by Kandii popz. This one is a FB fan exclusive. You can find it and lots of other fun stuff here: Kandii Popz Dezignz
Mask: WSL mask 191. You can find it here: WSL
Plugins: Eyecandy Impact
Template: ali template 3 Here: Tik Tok Creations

·         Open the template. Shift+D to duplicate it. Close the original and resize your image to 600x600. Delete the credits layer.
·         Unhide the background layer. Right click*Promote Background Layer. Flood fill with a gradient that will match the kit and/or your tube. Open your mask. Layers*New Mask Layer*From Image and choose your mask. Resize 111%. Right Click*Merge Group.
·         Activate the Shape 1 layer. Flood fill with the color/gradient of choice. Adjust*Add Noise with these settings: Gaussian, 50%, monochrome. Effects*Plugins*EC Impact*Glass with these settings:

·         On the Shape 2 layer: Selections*Select All*Float*Defloat*Invert Selection. Open P3. C&P. Hit delete. Go back to Shape 2, Selections*Select All. Activate the P3 layer and press Shift+r. This will crop off the excess paper outside the canvas.
·         Shape 3 layer: Follow the same process as Shape 2(Selections*Select All*Float*Defloat*InvertSAFDI from now on). Open P8. C&P and hit delete. Again, go to the previous layer and Selections*Select All. On the P8 layer, crop to selection just like the P3 layer.
·         Shape 4 layer: Using your magic wand, select the space between the two shapes (where you see P8 peeking through). Selections*Modify*Expand 3. Activate the P8 layer. Effects*3D Effects* Inner Bevel with these settings:

·         Shape 4 layer: SAFDI. Open P5. C&P, delete. Back on Shape 4, Selections*Select All. P5 layer: crop to selection.
·         Back down to Shape 1. With your magic wand, select the inside of each square. Selections*Modify*Expand 14. Selections*Invert. Open P10. C&P, delete. Crop to selection, using same steps as before.
·         Activate your top layer. Open your tube. C&P. Resize as needed and position where you like it.
·         Open Butterfly 1. C&P, resize 63% and position in the top left.
·         Open Sparkles 2. C&P and position behind and under the butterfly (so it looks like a glittery trail behind the butterfly). Merge the Butterfly down so they are one layer.
·         Open Leaves. C&P and position to the far right under Shape 1. Selections*Select All*Float*Defloat (SAFD). Activate Shape 1 layer and erase a few bits so it looks like the leaves are both on top of and below it. Activate P8, erase a bit there, so it looks like you want it.
·         Open Leafage. C&P below Shape 1 and position how you like it. SAFD. Activate Shape 1 and erase bits so its winding in and out of the frame. Do the same for each layer, until you are happy with how it looks. Selections*Select none. Now activate the Leaf layer. SAFD. Back on Leafage, erase bits so it winds around the Leaf, as well. Selections*Select None.
·         Activate the top layer. Open Cat 1. C&P, resize 55% and position where you like it.
·         Open Cat 3. C&P, resize 43%. Image*Flip Horizontal and position where you like it.
·         Open Ball. C&P, resize 33% and position where you like it.
·         Open Toy 2. C&P, resize 66% and position so it is dangling over Cat 1. Activate Cat 1, SAFD. Activate Toy 2 and erase the handle and part of the ribbon, so it looks like it is wrapped around the cat. Selections*Select None. Erase the bit of handle that is over your tube (if there is some).
·         Open Ribbon. C&P, resize 86%. Position where you like it. Select the Text Tool and, using the font of your choice (I used Free Kittenz) type your name and position it on the ribbon where you like it.
·         Drop Shadow any layers you want, add CR info. Save as .png to preserve transparency and youre done! Thanks for using my tut J


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