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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sexy Witch

This tutorial was written on September 17, 2013. Any similarity to any other tut is purely coincidental. I use PSP X5, but you should be able to do this in any version.

You Will Need:
Tube of choice. I used Teresa by Lady Mishka. You must have a license to use her work. You can find it here.
PTU kit Sexy Witch from Amy Marie . You can pick it up here.
Mask: Mask 4 from Jenny in the 2010 Halloween mask collab at Creative Misfits
Template: 4 in the Kandee Halloween Collab 2012 from Dees'Sign Depot
Font: HalloweenSpider  (48 pt, no stroke)
Gradient: My Halloween 1 gradient here (radial, 320 angle, 2 repeats)
Terms to Know:
C&P-Copy and paste
SAFDI-Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Invert
SAFD-Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat
DS-Drop Shadow (The settings I used for all my DS layers were: 3, -3, 50, 5, black)
Crop to Selection- Ctrl+a on the layer below the one you just pasted a paper (or object) on. Back to the paper (or object) and Shift+r.
Center in Canvas- Objects>Align>Center in Canvas
Apply Mask- Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image and choose your mask.
Add Noise- Image>Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise (My default settings are Gaussian, 50%, Monochrome)

All instructions regarding tubes assume you are using the same tube I did. If you use a different one, adjust size/placement accordingly.

©  Open template, Shift+d to duplicate, close original, delete credit and background layers. Open pp9, C&P, Crop to Selection, drag to bottom layer, open and apply mask, Center in Canvas, merge group.
©  Left Purple Rectangle: SAFD. Flood fill with gradient, add noise, select none. Repeat with Right Purple Rectangle.
©  Left Teal Circle: SAFDI. Open pp11, C&P, delete, Crop to Selection, merge down. Repeat with Right Teal Circle.
©  Open ee6, C&P, resize 81%, place over right circle. Duplicate, place above left circle.
©  Left Orange Circle: SAFDI. Open pp6, C&P, delete, Crop to Selection, merge down. Repeat with Right Orange Circle.
©  Green Rectangle: Flood Fill black. Open ee81, C&P, resize 80%, place where you like.
©  Open ee48, C&P, resize 40%, place where you like. Duplicate, flip horizontal, place where you like.
©  Open tube, C&P, flip horizontal, place where you like, Crop to Selection. Activate rectangle, SAFDI. Back on tube, delete, select none, change layer properties to Luminance (L), lower opacity to 25.
©  Haunted House Copy: Open ee108, C&P, resize 63%, place where you like.
©  Open ee19, C&P, rotate right 25 degrees. Place where you like.
©  Open ee13, C&P, resize 60%, place where you like.
©  Open ee83, C&P, resize 74%, place where you like.
©  Open tube, C&P, resize 62%, place where you like.
©  Thin Purple Rectangle: Flood Fill with color of choice, add noise.
©  Open ee42, C&P, resize X: 139, Y: 100. Place where you like.
©  Select your Text Tool and write your name. Place where you like it, Convert to Raster, SAFD, Expand 3, Layers*New Layer, Flood Fill with color of choice and drag below text, Adjust*Blur*Gaussian Blur radius: 5. Activate text, DS (1, 1, 50, 5, black).

©  Add DS to any layers you want. Add your CR info and you’re done! Thanks for using my tut J!


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